Getting Rid of PMI with a Home Appraisal

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Unsure if Your Home's Value Has Increased? Get a Home Appraisal to Remove PMI and Find Out

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Don't Pay for PMI Longer Than You Need To: Get a PMI Appraisal

As a homeowner, you may consider getting a new home appraisal to remove PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) if you have a conventional mortgage and have made a down payment of less than 20% of the home's value. PMI is required by lenders to protect them in case you default on your mortgage payments.

An appraisal of your home may help you to eliminate PMI payments more quickly. In the event that the value of your home has increased since you purchased it, a real estate appraisal will confirm that your home is now worth more than the remaining mortgage balance. As a result, you may have enough equity in your home to satisfy the 20% threshold and no longer need to pay PMI

A home appraisal to remove PMI can also provide you with a better understanding of your home's current market value. You may find this information useful if you are considering refinancing your mortgage, taking out a home equity loan, or selling your home. Having an understanding of the value of your home can also be useful for estate planning purposes.

In general, home appraisals can be beneficial to homeowners who wish to reduce their mortgage payments or want to know how much their home is worth.

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